FAQ’s about Paint Your Heart Out Lakeland

If you have questions regarding PYHO Lakeland that are not answered here, please contact us (pyholakeland@gmail.com) and we will provide you with additional information.

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Q. Who can be a painter?

A. We encourage volunteers to join us in groups of at least five individuals; however, if your group has fewer members than this you can still participate. We require children to have adult supervision. Volunteer information can be found here.

Q. When is Paint Day?

A. PYHO Lakeland has its annual Paint Day in the month of March when our Florida weather has not quite risen to extreme temperatures. During this annual Paint Day, as many as 25 houses are painted.

Q. What if I have no experience painting, but want to to volunteer my time in other ways?

A. Our volunteers have different experience levels when it comes to painting. We also have opportunities for volunteers to help with pre-Paint Day preparations, serving refreshments to painters, and photographing our event. We also greatly appreciate monetary donations.

Q. My church group would like to paint the home of a member of our congregation. Could we paint this home on Paint Day?

A. Yes, if the homeowner meets Paint Your Heart Out’s criteria for eligibility. We encourage paint teams to nominate homes of deserving homeowners.

Q. Do we have to provide paint and supplies for Paint Day?

A. No. Paint, supplies (including brushes, drop clothes, painter’s tape, etc.), and lunch are provided for each paint team.

Q. When do we find out which home we’ll be painting?

A. PYHO Lakeland provides a free “Team Leader Dinner” approximately a week before Paint Day. Home assignments and specific instructions for Prep Day and Paint Day are given during the dinner.


Q. My home needs to be painted, but due to my age/health problems, I am not able to make minor repairs to my home. Will PYHO Lakeland assist with repairs?

A. Yes, PYHO Lakeland does have a scheduled Prep Day before painting your home.


Q. What types of businesses sponsor PYHO Lakeland?

A. This year’s sponsors can be located here.

Q. What if I don’t own a business, but I want to give money to PYHO Lakeland?

A. We have an online donation form, or you can mail donations to Paint Your Heart Out Lakeland, P.O.Box 1712, Lakeland, FL 33802.

Q. What recognition will my company receive for being a PYHO Lakeland sponsor?

A. Sponsor acknowledgement is located here.