You can nominate your own home [Homeowner Application Form] or if you know of a home that needs to be painted, you can nominate that particular home on the homeowner’s behalf [Home Nomination Form].

Please be sure to review the criteria that PYHO Lakeland will use during its evaluation to choose deserving home nominees from its list of applicants:

Homeowner Requirements

  1. The home to be painted must be in the greater Lakeland, Florida, area.
  2. The homeowner must live in the home to be painted.
  3. The home must be a single family, single story dwelling.
  4. The home must be in such repair that PYHO Lakeland can paint the home after only minor repairs are made.
  5. The homeowner must  A) be at least 62 years of age or B) be disabled.
  6. The homeowner must qualify under the “very low income” or “low income” guidelines set forth in the City of Lakeland, FL Housing Assistance Income Schedule.
  7. The exterior of the home must actually need to be painted.